LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is an American developed green building tool that addresses the entire building lifecycle, recognising best- in-class building strategies and enabling third-party verification of green buildings. Created and managed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) taking influence from early versions of BREEAM developed in the UK, LEED provides an internationally recognised alternative to BREEAM and is common in markets led by the US Dollar, such as Central and North America, the Middle East and parts of the Far East.

The application of LEED is very similar to that of BREEAM and covers a wide and holistic range of sustainability considerations, primarily focusing on energy and natural resource based principles, but often seek to implement US based design standards or International standards (ISO’s). LEED can be applied to a range of building or infrastructure projects, from masterplan developments for neighbourhood’s down to internal fit-out and refurbishment.

GWP Project Services have experience in delivering LEED analysis on a number of projects and have worked closely with commercial building owners and occupiers as well as academic institutions to meet LEED design standards within UK based projects ranging from Silver to Platinum ratings. Key to successful delivery of any environmental assessment method is a detailed understanding of the application of standards to a live project and coordination of those principles throughout a design or construction team. LEED is no different on that basis and we are confident high level LEED standards are equally achievable within the UK market as those that are more commonly applied.

Whilst not common in the UK, the LEED market is the strongest for any existing assessment method globally, every day another 2.2million sq ft of building floorspace is assessed to certification and assessments exceed 167 different countries worldwide.