Zero Carbon

GWP Project Services have played a key role in assessing the viability of true zero carbon developments and can provide feasibility analysis, energy calculations and carbon strategies to develop a framework towards achieving zero carbon.

With energy prices expected to rise year on year and utility life cycles fast outweighing capital cost over extended life expectancies there is an emerging market in public & private, domestic & non-domestic schemes reviewing the viability of a zero carbon approach. Zero carbon does not have to mean new build either, with many existing buildings and developments potentially benefiting from modernised services infrastructure, rather than wholesale new build construction programs.

GWP Project Services successfully worked on the University of Hertfordshire Student Accommodation scheme, adopted by U-Living which was analysed at feasibility stage for Zero Carbon potential and was taken forward by the University as part of their financial package for energy generation over a 40 year + period.

GWP Project Services are also trained and licensed users of ‘Enplanner’ Carbon analysis software developed by the Carbon Trust and used by Local Authorities across the UK to base energy performance at pre-planning stage. Enplanner can provide rapid analysis of a buildings carbon performance, without the need for dynamic thermal modelling or extensive carbon mapping.