WELL Building Standard

Launched in October 2014, the US developed WELL Building Standard is the emerging standard for analysing the environments within buildings, interior spaces and communities that look to support and advance human health and wellness by measuring, validating and implementing a holistic approach to health in the built environment.

The WELL Building Standard uses scientific research and medical theory to analyse a buildings impact upon our behaviour, mental and physical state, the effectiveness of our operations and our interaction with nature which is becoming ever more important in today’s climate.

GWP Project Services’ have licensed WELL Accredited Professionals, trained on the conceptual and applied frameworks of WELL and have worked with Developers, Building Occupiers and Universities to review WELL accreditation opportunities, preparing design proposals and specifications that can apply the principles of WELL within a new building, a fit-out process or refurbishment. Our input can offer guidance, analysis and efficient solutions for meeting the principals and standards outlined by WELL.

WELL has the potential to be the most groundbreaking and innovative environmental performance indicator in the industry and can easily span continents in terms of its reach and application, ranging from biophilic design to consistent & extensive monitoring of air and water quality to analysing the fresh food offering to building occupants within its canteen, WELL is likely to become a key player in building design and aspirations in the UK and overseas markets in the near future.