Russian residential development achieves 2021 BREEAM Award

We are delighted to announce that Building 17, Yevropeyskiy in the Western Siberian city of Tyumen, Russia has been awarded a BREEAM 2021 Award by the BRE at their annual awards ceremony under the ‘Homes Design’ category.  This defining residential project is the first in Russia to achieve an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM accreditation.

GWP are thrilled that Brusnika’s trailblazing approach has been recognised by this award; their ambitious drive to explore new opportunities in construction, the environment and energy efficiency in an existing market that offers little by way of these considerations is commendable. Brusnika’s strategy is not motivated by chasing sale figures but by an aspiration to build better quality, more resilient and climate responsive housing, guided by European principles and benchmarks. Technologies and concepts applied by Brusnika based on the experience of GWP in sustainable design and environmental impact assessment enabled a revisit of the development blueprint, considering wider context and surrounding areas, delivering healthy, efficient and appealing home environments. 

“BREEAM has raised the bar in terms of in-house quality standards and continues to challenge us to apply technical solutions and sustainable processes to our projects, it has expanded the competencies of our employees and supply chain, giving us the ability to establish new friendships and relations in international co-operation,” Ekaterina Smirnova of Brusnika was pleased to announce.

Barry Rankin, director of GWP Project Services added “Working with Brusnika in a new and challenging environment such as Siberia has been an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience, but possibly most importantly incorporation of BREEAM under the tutorage of GWP in Russia has the potential to encourage new progressive thinking among occupants and residents, changing habits and lifestyles, breeding a new culture of environmental awareness in a market that has a major global influence”.

“By setting challenging targets and embracing new concepts, Brusnika have created a product of higher quality in environmental, energy efficiency and wellbeing terms becoming the first developer in Russia to deliver a residential building with a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating, and now the first BREEAM award in Russia. As part of a rapidly growing green building industry in Russia we hope it is the first of many for the Russian market”. Guy Eames, Chair of the Russian Green Building Council.