The Russian residential developer Brusnika LLC – one of the region’s largest – discovered BREEAM as an internationally recognised sustainability standard and felt it could be adopted to reflect some of the forward-thinking sustainable design initiatives being developed by them in the Russian market. After understanding more about BREEAM in collaboration with GWP Project Services, they strived to achieve the first BREEAM ‘Excellent’ certificate for a residential building in Russia.

Building 17 consists of a 6-storey residential building with a lower ground basement located in the Western Siberian City of Tyumen. The building contains 32 self-contained apartments, ranging from one bedroom to four-bedroom accommodation types, able to accommodate 86 residents.

Building 17 is part of a large-scale development masterplan of new residential housing titled the European Quarter Residential Complex. The project is located at 34-37 Gazovikov Street in the northern quarter of the City of Tyumen and is due for practical completion towards the end of 2021. The masterplan and the Building 17 architecture were developed by KCAP Architects & Planners in cooperation with Brusnika Design.

It was important to Brusnika that BREEAM provided a direct benefit to the future occupants of the residences; lower energy consumption providing lower utility bills, enhanced health and wellbeing for the residents, with access to outdoor green spaces, amenities and transport facilities.

GWP worked with the client to develop new strategies to be implemented by the design and construction team to enable them to demonstrate compliance with the BREEAM criteria. As this was a first for the developer and the wider team, GWP understood that close communication and collaboration was the key to a successful design stage assessment.

Brusnika state “BREEAM has raised the bar in terms of in-house quality standards and continues to challenge us to apply technical solutions and sustainable processes to our projects, it has expanded the competencies of our employees and supply chain, giving us the ability to establish new friendships and relations in international co-operation.”

But possibly most importantly, incorporation of BREEAM by Brusnika in Russia has the potential to encourage new progressive thinking among occupants and residents, changing habits and lifestyles, breeding a new culture of environmental awareness in a market that has a major global influence.

By working closely with GWP, setting challenging targets and embracing new concepts, Brusnika have created a product of higher quality in environmental, energy efficiency and wellbeing terms becoming the first developer in Russia to deliver a residential building with a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating – there can be no greater achievement than being the first.

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– PROJECT AREA: 3,400 M2