ESG: Design Innovation Standard – Federated Hermes Investment Management

ESG has become an established core operational element for any major organisation, our work with the globally recognised Federated Hermes IM evolved from a defined opportunity to grow and strengthen their ESG strategy through application of minimum design, delivery and operational standards on new developments and major refurbishments.

Having identified current environmental assessment methods as unsuitable for the strategic needs of the Federated Hermes IM ESG policy, GWP worked closely to develop a bespoke tool that met those needs considering core sustainability, carbon and climate change concepts alongside previously recognised responsibly property development principles. This established a concept of nine pillars of sustainability and focused on a series of gateway approvals across the project lifecycle that keeps the client close to key decision making at project level but offering consistent KPI based outputs for comparability across their cross fund asset portfolio.

Strategies for ESG performance and implementation tools are a growing market for GWP Project Services with our front end experience often playing a crucial role in defining recognised ESG outputs and deliverable policies. For more information on out ESG consultancy please contact