‘Carnegie Village’ Leeds Met Uni

Carnegie Village is a student residential development within the existing Headingley Campus of Leeds Metropolitan University, providing 479 study bedrooms in ‘cluster flat’ and ‘townhouse’ arrangements. GWP Project Services worked closely with GWP Architecture to advisedjoint clients Leeds Metropolitan University and the University Partnership Programme on environmental issues,  sustainability and improving environmental performance.

BREEAM certification was a requirement of Leeds Metropolitan University and new their accommodation product was seen as part of the student education,  incorporating many of the attributes that support sustainable student living.

The overriding approach was to reduce energy loads by passive means – high levels of insulation and excellent air tightness significantly reduced space heating requirements.Whole house mechanical heat recovery ventilation units (MVHR) were used to deliver fresh, filtered air to all habitable rooms, with 80% heat recovery efficiency. Solar thermal collectors were used on the cluster flat accommodation to pre-heat water.

One Townhouse unit was enhanced to meet stringent PassivHaus design standards – the first for any student residences and one of the first to be certified in the UK. Super insulated timber framed wall construction and the eradication of thermal bridging in the detail design led to the building being heated by solely passive means with no heat source required.

GWP Project Services provided strategic consultancy on the development, alongside BREEAM Assessment, to take every credit scoring opportunity available in what was the early stages of BREEAM methods being established within the construction industry. The scheme won a BREEAM 2010 Award and achieved an ‘Excellent’ rating , this highest available at that time.