‘The Green’ Uni of Bradford

A student residential development of 1026 bedrooms within the University of Bradford’s main campus the scheme is seen as an exemplar in sustainable construction and has been recognised by numerous awards and accolades, notably a BREEAM 2012 Award.

The development encompasses a 10 Block Student Residential Accommodation Village, comprising 1026 study bedrooms in ‘townhouse’ and ‘cluster flat’ arrangements. The Green also includes a Hub building accommodating communal laundry facilities, offices and student facilities and an energy centre building accommodating energy services plant and equipment.

BREEAM certification was a requirement of the University of Bradford’s Ecoversity policy in addition to funding agreements and aspirations of the developer, alongside designers GWP Architecture. Residential blocks were constructed of panelised timber frame systems, manufactured off site from fully sustainable, responsible sources to extremely high levels of insulation and air tightness.

All 10 bloks achieved EPC ‘A’ ratings via a combination of site wide centralised CHP plant, roof mounted solar thermal arrays and energy efficient gas fired boilers sized to provide seasonal ‘top up’ supply when required.  GWP Project Services also secured a BREEAM Innovation credit for the provision of real time energy displays to communal kitchens where residents are encouraged to reduce consumption on a monthly basis.

The development achieved a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating, scoring 95.05% at design stage – the highest BREEAM assessed credit score to date, and won a BREEAM 2012 Award.

Key facts

– Fabric air tightness >3.0m3/(hr.m2) @ 50 Pa
– 60% Of available innovation credits
– CHP & Solar Thermal LZC’s
– 26% reduction in carbon emissions via renewables
– 50% Flushing demand via rainwater harvesting
– Vegetable planting & communal BBQ areas
– Biodiversity pond & species planting